The Weavers

Kids woven basket

Baskets handwoven with love, in Ghana, for you.

Every basket you purchase from Little Merchants has been lovingly handmade by our talented artisans from Bolgatanga, Ghana and the surrounding villages. Basket weaving is a craft practised by the adults and children alike, making the production process a family affair.

In a country with no welfare system, the basket industry is a crucial source of income for the weavers and their families and the money paid for each basket goes straight to the weaver once it is purchased on market day.

The weavers have complete creative control over the designs and colours of their baskets, making each basket as unique and colourful as the person who weaved it. The artisans double weave each basket, ensuring a strong and durable basket that will last for years, along with a leather handle for added strength and comfort.

Our baskets are woven from eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable Elephant Grass which grows abundantly on the sub-Saharan plains of West Africa.  This is all harvested, dyed and dried by hand, which ensures the whole process has minimal impact on the environment. 

We are so proud to bring you ethical products, that help to improve the lives of others.  

Little Merchants baskets give back.  Thank you immensely for your purchase x


** Please note:  Handmade products may have characteristic blemishes that reflect the imperfections of human endeavour and add to their unique authenticity.