Shaping Your Basket

Shaping your basket is easy and will only take you a few minutes.


Push out the base of your basket and thoroughly wet with water, take care not to wet the leather handle.

Leave your basket for a minute to soak in the water and become pliable.

Start to mould your basket to a nice round shape. I find tapping the inside wall of your basket helps to get a nice round shape and finish to your basket. 

Leave your basket to dry out in the sun or under a fan, it will harden up once dry and will hold the shape it has been moulded to.

Your basket is now ready to use and enjoy.

You can reshape your basket as many times as you need.


Your Changing Basket will come to you already shaped, but incase it gets a little out of shape during the shipping process please follow these easy steps.

Wet the basket with water and wait a minute for it to soak in and become pliable.

Mould the basket back into shape.

Dry in the sun or under a fan till dry.

Your basket is now ready to use.